Not your typical pricing model

This system is built by coding 4 software tools to work seamlessly together: Airtable,, Phantombuster, and Make. You make your own accounts for each tool, give me your login info, and I’ll do the rest.

You pay me nothing directly. I have affiliate partnerships with each software tool, meaning I get a percentage of your monthly subscription payment from the software tools.

If you signed up for these accounts yourself, it would cost you the exact same amount. 

Total cost per month (USD)

$ 190 USD Approx monthly cost
  • Almost certainly a positive ROI
  • No long-term contracts
  • Cancel anytime

What is each tool for?

Each tool is best-in-class to do a specific job

For filtering leads

Airtable is used to filter and qualify your leads. Think of it as your control panel for tracking whom to contact, who needs followups, and who has replied. 

Airtable is a massive company based out of San Francisco, with a Series F raise of $735 million in December 2021.

For sending Insta DMs is used to build custom browser bots that send Instagram DMs for you. is a Y-Combinator startup.

For scraping Google Maps

Phantombuster is used to scrape Google Maps for leads. It doesn’t do this effectively entirely by itself, so there is some more backend code to give it a boost.

Phantombuster is a massive French company with 100,000+ customers.

For powerful integrations

Make is the world’s most powerful tool for visual programming. It is used to link all the other tools with each other, as well as to create custom code. If you’ve heard of Zapier, Make is like its more powerful version. 

Make is a Czech Republic company that recently got acquired.

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