I'm an Integromat expert that also understands business

Need help with an Integromat project? I’m a Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur that has built and scaled multiple businesses using Integromat, using hundreds of apps. I’m highly technical, but also understand the most efficient ways to use tech in business. I’m an official Integromat partner.

See my success story published by Integromat here.

Some press about me

I have one of the most diverse API skillsets around

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"As if launching a product in “normal” conditions weren’t hard enough, Lo did it in a few days, offering a first-class exhibit of strategic thinking and product development along the way."
"By building the key digital infrastructure with Integromat, Lo was able to go from idea to launch in a week. That’s “god mode”, quite literally."


"Jon's method of automation will drive exponential returns to your business."
"Beyond anything I ever expected."
"I was blown away by the time and resources we saved after Jon automated our core business tasks."
"Jon is one of the most innovative people I have ever come across."
"Jon is an immense pleasure to work with. Professional work ethic, thinks from a highly data-driven and automation lens, with clarity from strategy to execution."
"Jon skillfully tackles labour-intensive processes with a suite of cutting-edge technology that make life ten times simpler."

How can I help?

Book an Integromat lesson with me or send me a message if you want me to build something for you. 

1. Book a 1:1 meeting with me

Want to schedule a 1:1 meeting? I offer two sessions:

  • Free 15 min consultation to ensure you and I are the right fit
  • Integromat lesson (60 mins – $100) – have an Integromat question? Or just want to upskill?

All bookings and payments are done on Mana, an up-and-coming Creator platform built by an amazing team of engineers.

2. Project implementation

Want me to build something for you on Integromat? Fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you within 12 hours.