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Thanks for your interest in this system. Here’s the next steps to get started

1. Create accounts

You need to sign up for the 4 accounts using my affiliate links. No need to pay anything at this point.

2. Give me login info

Give me your login info (user name and password) for each account.

3. Let me set things up

It will take me about a day to set things up. Once everything is good to go, upgrade the accounts to their paid versions and go live.

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First, sign up for these four accounts using my affiliate links in the signup button. There is no need to pay anything yet. Create an free/ trial account for each software below.

If possible, use the same email and password for all accounts (not mandatory to do this. It just makes things easier).

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What happens next?

After I get your account details, give me a few days to setup your automations. I will then send you detailed instructions on how to use the tool. If everything is good to go, then we upgrade to paid accounts and go live.