Frequently asked questions

This system has two parts:

  1. It lets you search for the contact info of independent retailers anywhere in the world, like their Instagram accounts, phone numbers, and emails.

    You can be incredibly specific with geography, breaking down by city, neighbourhood, postcode, etc.

    You can be very specific with search term also, searching for “burger restaurants in Austin, Texas”, “sustainable cafes in Toronto”, “Cocktail bars in SE1, London UK”, etc. 

    The search scrapes Google Maps data directly, so coverage is truly global. If you can find it on Google Maps, it’s fair game.

    For each location, it will extract Instagram accounts, emails, and phone numbers.

  2. For each of these locations found in the previous step, it contacts them on their Instagram accounts. Of course, you can filter who you do and don’t want to contact.

    It does this by logging in to your Instagram account for you, and sending a DM to each of these locations. You can customize copy, followup messaging, and set the system to run on autopilot to do a drip campaign on IG. 

Check out the pricing page for more details.

The objective of this system is to get you replies. Once a lead replies, it is up to your sales team to close them, however you feel is appropriate.

This system is not intended to help you close leads directly, only to start the conversation. It is intended to automate the top of funnel sales process. Bottom of funnel conversions is up to you.

Sort of. Each tool has it’s own rules for free trials.

Airtable has a free 14-day free trial.

Phantombuster has a free 14-day trial, but functionality is limited.

For and Make, unfortunately the $50/ month plan and $62/ month plan is required to get started.