Automatically find and contact independent retailers on Instagram, like Cafes Coffee shops Gift shops Restaurants Bars Beer stores Art centers Cocktail bars Gastropubs Winebars Wine stores Gyms Boutiques Spice stores

I’m an AI tool that helps F&B brands find and contact independent retailers – like coffee shops, bars, and cafes – on Instagram automatically, a channel that they are very active on. As of today, I’ve gotten 497 replies from these locations.

Used by 70+ brands in North America and Europe

Find small retailers' contact info anywhere in the world

Contact lists for indies in the F and B industry are usually outdated, inaccurate, or incomplete (sometimes all of the above!). 

At scale, find up-to-date contact info of independents, like Instagram accounts, emails, and phone numbers, anywhere on the globe.

Automatically DM these places on their Instagram accounts

Cold emailing a generic “” email won’t get you read.

Instead, automatically reach out to them on Instagram DMs, a frequently checked channel because that’s where their customers are. Customize your copy and start a drip campaign with automatic follow ups on IG.

Give your sales teams more time to engage with warm leads

Give your sales people more time to do what they’re good at. Prospecting and outreach is repetitive work, so leave this to a robot. I’m more accurate and cost-effective.

But once I find and get in touch with the right people for you, it’s entirely up to your sales people to close. 

This system has gotten 497 replies as of October 5, 2022


How it works

An easy two-step process

Find contact details of local retailers at scale

Type in a search term, like “cafes in London”, and I’ll go on Google Maps to scrape the search results. Anything that can be found on Google Maps is fair game, like coffee shops, bars, gift shops, and more. For each location, I’ll go one step further and extract Instagram accounts, emails, phone numbers, websites, and more.

Screen recording of the DM bot in action. As you can see, it moves step-by-step, like a human.

Automatically DM these locations on their Instagram accounts

Automatically DM these stores’ IG accounts, which is more effective than email, to see if they want to stock your products. Set up a CRM on top of Instagram. Fully customizable copy. Automatic follow-ups. Connect multiple Instagram accounts to the system.

Live data dashboards to track progress

Find 1000’s of contacts

Customize DMs and followups

Save sales teams time

Get a higher reply rates on Instagram compared to email

Get stocked in more independents

Frequently asked questions

Commonly asked questions about this system

How to get started?

Next steps to get started

1. Create accounts

You need to sign up for the 4 accounts using my affiliate links. No need to pay anything at this point.

2. Give me your login info

Give me your login info (user name and password) for each account.

3. Let me set things up

It will take me about a day to set things up. Once everything is good to go, upgrade the accounts to their paid versions and go live.