I'm an engineer, entrepreneur, and social impact advocate.

Think of me as an engineer with a new programming language

Cloud-tech has exploded in growth in recent years. Many successful software companies identify a business problem and build a cloud-based solution around it. My premise is to not do this, but to understand the best ways the cloud ecosystem fits together, and combine software together. This is a new programming language, with each SaaS company being an individual part.

I hold the controversial belief that this isn’t for MVPs, but are is scalable than traditional engineering.

Drop co

Ringless voicemail drops.


Webscraping for custom websites. Fast and powerful.


Elementor addon. Front-end visual effects.


Web scraping. Great for LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media.


Largely static front-end web development.


Powerful suite of e-commerce functionalities.


For creating dynamic front-end web content.


Data flow. Most powerful tool I’ve ever used.


Web scraping. One of the best for scraping common scenarios (e.g. Google Search, Google Maps, LinkedIn, etc.).


No/ low-code database. More powerful than you might think. For information storage.

I like applying tech to entrepreneurship and social impact

I’m passionate about making a difference and giving back. I started an initiative that benefited ~500,000 people during the COVID-19 UK lockdowns by sending PPE to hospitals and GPs. Now I’m working on Matchup, a company designed to up to 4x donations to Ukraine aid relief.

PPE distribution to hospitals/ GPs, and food and essential supplies distribution to immunocompromised people. During height of COVID lockdowns in UK. ~500,000 beneficiaries in 3 months. 

Ukraine aid relief initiative. Designed to up to 4x financial donations to charities supporting Ukrainian causes.